Technical Specifications

See our VivaSight product portfolio brochure (PDF).

Usage: Single-use only
Pack: Supplied individually packaged, ETO-sterilized
VivaSight-SL: Shipped in quantities of
10 units per box
VivaSight-DL: Shipped in quantities of
1 unit per box
Shelf life: 24 months

Power: 55 mA ±5 mA @ DC 5 V
Max. current: 60 mA
Interface connectors: 5-pin mini USB A

Tube: Medical-grade PVC; additional
injection port for rinsing camera optics
Cuff: Medical-grade PVC, high volume,
low pressure
Tube hardness: 85 (Shore A)

Image sensor: CMOS
Resolution: CIF 320 x 240
(76,800 pixels)
Scan mode: Progressive
Depth of field: 12-60 mm
Field of view: ~85º diagonal
Image sensitivity: 0.7 V
(lux x sec)

Light Source
LEDs: 2 white
LED power: 1 mW = 1 lm

Signal: Composite video baseband signal (CVBS); direct interface with DVR/VCR/TV supporting NTSC-CVBS

VivaSight Model SL 7 mm SL 7.5 mm SL 8 mm DL 37 Fr*
Number TVT70100 TVT75105 TVT80110 DLVT37L
ID (mm) 7.0 7.5 8.0 4.2 (effective)
OD (mm) 10.0 10.5 11.0 11.5 (bronchial)
Length (+2/-0 mm) 312 323 323  
Accessories Model No. Quantity Per Box
VivaSight Direct RCA cable for external monitors SA00013 1
VivaSight Max 7” LCD monitor SA00014 1
VivaSight Mini 3.6” battery-operated
LCD monitor
SA00015 1








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